Platform Lift 10
Sept 1b 2013 Pics8
6k lb lift, 24 ft tige, mounted on steel, 2 x 2k lb minis with oversized feet
    • We sell and install hydraulic boat lifts in Ontario, Canada; including the Muskoka's, Georgian Bay, Lake Simcoe, the Kawartha's and Eastern Ontario

    • We run the only full-time, full-service, dedicated hydraulic lift company in Ontario.  All of our competitor's dabble in hydraulic lifts, install a dozen or so/yr, and are primarily involved in other aspects of the marine industry, such as docks, garage doors, overhead lifts, manual lifts, marine railways, etc.  We specialize in high quality, remote control, fast, convenient, hydraulic lifts.  We are THE liftguy
    • Take a close look at our pictures.  If your cottage, boathouse, dock, boat, etc. looks like our other customers, than chances are you're in the right place 
    • We supply, install and service virtually every premium cottage builder in Muskoka, including Tamarack North, Forest Hill Fine Homes, Lovegrove Construction, SMLEvergreen, Lakeridge, Lakewood, Sherwood North, etc.
    • We work with all the major marina's in Ontario, including Walkers Point, Gordon Bay, Pride, Port Sandfield, Ed Huck, Bayview, Crates Lake Country, The Cove, Northland, etc.
    • We are proud to be the leading dealer World Wide for Sunstream Boat Lifts, who is the leading hydraulic boat lift manufacturer in the world

    • We are the exclusive Sunstream dealer for most of Ontario and have 3+ crews installing lifts and a crew assembling and delivering lifts in Ontario from the time the ice goes out to the time the ice comes in.  We are a hard working, dedicated team of HYDRAULIC boat lift specialists

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    • We can talk all day about our experience but that is boring.  If you have made it this far, it is time to look at some of our installs in our PHOTO section.  
    • So, now what?  Call or email us to go through the specifics on the phone/email.  We'll tell you likely pricing, options, etc.,  then we'll generally come out, conduct a site inspection, and confirm or revise our installed pricing based on all the details of what you are looking for, and then follow up with an email giving you a written quote.  If you decide to proceed, we then discuss the small details about your install including the approx. timing, access to your boathouse/property, property maintenance contact, etc.
    • A Sunstream Boat Lift protects your boating investment and gets you in the water in seconds. Simply press a button on the key-chain remote and the powerful hydraulics lowers your boat, gently, into the water.
    • Independent business owner since 1998 and a Proud member of the Better Business Bureau 

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